The Developer Campaign


Solace has been delivering best-in-class data solutions for enterprise organizations since 2001. Senior-level leaders have been aware of Solace's products, but research showed that product consideration actually starts at the developer level. So when we launched Solace's first brand campaign highlighting the new free trial feature on PubSub+, we took on the challenge of breaking through to this new audience.

The problem was figuring out how to connect with this notoriously hard-to-communicate-with group. Allergic to any typical product messaging, we decided to tap into our in-house developer team to glean nuanced insights to earn their trust. We used these learnings to create a digital and banner campaign with a dev-centric, off-kilter sense of humor and a hot take on tech culture. All of this was tied together by the tongue-in-cheek tagline "What Could Go Wrong?".

The Work